Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Naked Rubber Chicken Furor

So you know, most of the time the pet business is a relatively safe and fun business. 99% of the time the people that come into the store are totally cool. They bring their pets and aside from an occasional misplaced pee-pee or poop or puddle of drool, things go well. We all have fun. We sell nice foods, we sell tasty treats, and we sell doggie and kitty toys. What could be wrong with that?

Funny you should ask.

It's the end of the day and we're getting ready to close. The phone rings and a rather desperate sounding man asks if we are the store with the "naked chickens" in the window. Thinking it's one of our friends, Lisa S. says "Why yes, we are."

At this point the guy gets a touch mental and accuses us of selling "pornographic materials" (in the form of a rubber chicken dog toy). He asks how he is supposed to walk his children by our store and explain to them why there are naked chickens in the window. He begs us to remove them so he and his children can walk the streets unmolested by the buxom, suggestive, and latex Henrietta Chicken.

Lisa explained to him that all chickens are naked, they usually don't wear clothes. By contrast, Henrietta was wearing a purple polka dot bikini, and so was not naked.

He remained unconvinced. He threatened to call the Mayor's office and report us. (I am not sure which department of Mayor Menino's office deals with rubber chickens. I'll get back to you kids on that.)

I've posted a picture of Ms. Henrietta Chicken, a dog toy, so that you can judge for yourselves.

I'm also adding an excerpt from her bio so you all can get a taste of who she really is.

"Now retired, Henrietta lives a quiet life, far from the Vegas footlights, in a swanky trailer park near Fort Lauderdale. Hand painted, poly-filled latex dog toy. De-feathered for canine pleasure. She comes in two sizes."


Lyss said...

Some people have too much time on their hands. That's crazy. Did you get the guy's name?

maryse said...

i love henrietta and her purple bikini.

the world has gone crazy.

Barbara said...

hilarious!! I love henrietta. what a sexy chick! (pun intended)

Mittnz said...

Porky Pig got into the same trouble when someone noticed he doesn't wear pants.
I guess they didn't notice his friends, Bugs and Daffy (when they weren't cross dressing) were completely nude.

Oh - what to do about this "naked animal" epidemic!

Love - Mittnz

Malinda777 said...

Too funny. He's not the only rubber chicken psycho out there. Check out my "rubber chicken psycho" post.

Stan said...
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Kitty said...

Oh, what a world we live, when even the rubber chickens are scrutinized!


Ann said...

My Dog LOVES Henrietta, and our store stopped selling it because of sales, not porno suggestions.

Gene Lafontain said...

That is hilarious! I found your posting when I was looking for something funny to talk about at my cabaret show...the naked chicken has opened up a whole new world of fun for me. Thanks! Hee, hee!